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EAROPH Members

Historical Background

The Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Housing (EAROPH) was founded at its first Congress help in New Delhi, India in 1956, at a time when emerging nations of the third world were beginning to realise the importance of their socio/cultural identities and traditional values. Rapid pace of development, particularly in Asia, stimulated debates on many issues -not least of these were the subjects of urban planning and housing for the masses.

The 24th EAROPH World Congress will be held in Jakarta, August 9-12, 2014. This is going to be an exciting conference, with a target of between 300 to 500 participants from the region and around the world. It is also particularly an important event for Jakarta and for Indonesia, as this year the 3rd world's largest democracy will have our parliamentary and presidential elections.

The conference will discuss aspects of resilient and Smart Cities, innovation, planning and determination in managing major cities of the world. There will be various interesting tracks and focuses, including inclusivity of cities, socio-economic dimensions of resilient cities, financing and ICT in cities, and a global debate on cities today. Side events of this conference including Mayor Caucus, where we are expecting mayors from around the Asia Pacific regions to attend,  ASEAN Planning Professionals and Association Meeting,  EAROPH Young Professionals and young planners Summit,  and EXHIBITIONS.

For Conference Brochure, click here.