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Congress Activities of EAROPH 2014

24th EAROPH World Congress event in 2014 consists of 8 (eight) activities, as follows:



Conference is a major event of 24th EAROPH World Congress 2014 where in this occasion the Government of Jakarta and EAROPH Club Indonesia will bring together the world-class practitioners and thinkers in the field of planning. For 2 days, specifically on 11-12 August 2014, participants will be treated to exposure about the latest innovations which are useful to answer the planning development challenges that are more complicated and complex.

Field Trip

Field trip is the special identity of EAROPH World Congress where participants are invited to see the work of local municipalities in organizing and executing the development. Participants will gain new knowledge about how the development program planned and implemented by the city government.

EAROPH Executive Committee and Council Meetings

Parallel with the conference, EAROPH will hold the annual meeting of executive committee and biennial meeting of council EAROPH. The meeting will discuss EAROPH member activity reports, EAROPH strategic policy in the coming year and EAROPH presidential inauguration for period 2014-2016.

Major Caucus

Major Caucus is dedicated as a meeting for the mayors who incorporated in EAROPH network and partners with Jakarta Provincial Government. This meeting will provide a platform to share experiences about city management from the mayor of the neighboring countries. Major Caucus as well as an opportunity to expand the network of city leaders and also open the cooperation further in the future.

Young EAROPH Summit

Young EAROPH Summit was organized to bring together the prospective future leaders in the city. The event is expected to grow the optimism and understanding that the success of a city into comfortable and sustainable place to live based on the willingness and hard work of young people to collaborate to build the city.

ASEAN Planning Professionals and Association Meeting

ASEAN Planning Association Meeting will bring together the urban and regional planning associations of 9th ASEAN member countries. In addition to being a media to maintain the relationships between the associations, the meeting was also held to exploring cross-country practices of planners as implications beginnings of AFTA.

Golf tournament

Golf Tournament conducted with the aim to strengthen the relationship between members EAROPH in relaxed and informal atmosphere. Participants have opportunity to know more and engage with fellow participants while enjoying a world-class driving course owned by Jakarta.


The exhibition will showcase innovative products and services of the private sector related to urban development, particularly with regard to efforts to support the creation of environmentally friendly city and saving resources. The exhibition will also provide an opportunity for the government to demonstrate the concept urban planning that has been organized and implemented.