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Indonesia Association of Urban and Regional Planners is well known as IAP. IAP is the sole organization of urban and regional planning professionals in Indonesia. Founded in 1971, the association has branches in 25 provinces throughout Indonesia. It is currently by far the biggest planning professional association or institute in the South East Asian region, with more than 3.000 members and 1.200 of them are certified planners, issued by the IAP Planning Certification Board.

The chairman of IAP is Mr. Bernardus Djonputro, Ir and Mrs. Vera Revina Sari, Ir. M.eng, as the secretary general. There are eight strategic programs point of IAP such as given below:

  1. Conduct and run the Planning Certification Board and emphasizing the importance of IAP certification for practicing planners.
  2. Advocate for planning at the national and local level; and work with all planning stakeholders.
  3. Provide public information and education programs.
  4. Raise the stature for the planning profession
  5. Support certified planners in their pursuit of certification maintenance.
  6. Promote and seek national and international partnership to advance both the planning movement and principles of sustainability in development.
  7. We address issues in our publications, host discussion forums, and provide open information on our website.
  8. Develop planning knowledge by applied research.