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PT Jababeka Tbk (the Company) was established in 1989 and became the first publicly listed industrial estate and property developer in Indonesia in 1994. PT Jababeka’s major expertise’s are its master plan and sustainable development. Those are manifested in the planned development, which includes residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The integration of these three segments creates the township development concept, which aims to develop an integrated area for work, living, and leisure.

Since its established, PT Jababeka Tbk has successfully created a fully integrated township in Cikarang, Bekasi. This township, known widely as Kota Jababeka, is home to about 1,650 local and international companies and more than 1 million residents. Kota Jababeka was designed as an intelligent and eco-friendly city with infrastructure to support both businesses and residents. Infrastructures that PT Jababeka Tbk built to cater to business activities inside Kota Jababeka include clean and waste water treatment plants, a power plant, and also a dry port. In order to support the lifestyle preferences of the tenants and residents, the Company started a collaboration with PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk in 2013 to build a mixed use development on a 16 hectares land plot in Kota Jababeka.

In 2011, PT Jababeka Tbk expanded its business scope to  leisure and hospitality through the acquisition of Tanjung Lesung in West Banten. The Company plans to develop Tanjung Lesung as one of the top travel destinations in Indonesia. In fact, the Company believes that Tanjung Lesung has the potential to be the 2nd Bali. Various leisure facilities and activities have been developed to give visitors a memorable experience in a natural environment.

PT Jababeka Tbk acknowledges that there are many places in Indonesia that lack the necessary infrastructure and other supporting facilities needed to maximize their potentials. With the expertise in both land development and infrastructure, PT Jababeka Tbk has commenced a journey across Indonesia to find suitable partners and places where local knowledge and resources can be explored and exploited in order to build more cities that create jobs, improve education and bring welfare to the Indonesian people.

JABABEKATanjung Lesung

KOTA JABABEKA, CIKARANG                                  TANJUNG LESUNG BEACH